قاعدة العمليات الرئيسية

English-Arabic military dictionary. 2015.

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  • Main Operating Base — (MOB) is a term used by the United States military defined as an overseas, permanently manned, well protected base, used to support permanently deployed forces, and with robust sea and/or air access. [1] This term was used to differentiate major… …   Wikipedia

  • Main Operating Base — Eine Main Operating Base (MOB) ist im Sprachgebrauch der Vereinigten Staaten die größte Stufe eines Militärstützpunktes außerhalb des Mutterlandes. Es handelt sich dabei um Stützpunkte innerhalb befreundeter Gastgeberländer, in denen auf Dauer… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Forward operating base — Logar, Afghanistan. A forward operating base (FOB) is any secured forward military position, commonly a military base, that is used to support tactical operations. A FOB may or may not contain an airfield, hospital, or other facilities. The base… …   Wikipedia

  • forward operating base — An airfield used to support tactical operations without establishing full support facilities. The base may be used for an extended time period. Support by a main operating base will be required to provide backup support for a forward operating… …   Military dictionary

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  • Dutch Harbor Naval Operating Base and Fort Mears, U.S. Army — U.S. National Register of Historic Places U.S. National Historic Landmark District …   Wikipedia

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